Vocal Coaching

action-photo-1A Designated Linklater Voice Teacher since 1998, Patricia completed extensive training with world-renowned Kristin Linklater in her process for ‘freeing the natural voice’. Patricia utilizes the techniques of this clear vocal progression, which seamlessly connects language with breath and voice, in all aspects of her coaching and teaching.

She can help actors find their own clear, natural speaking voice, speak on an open-throated release of breath, eliminate vocal ‘fry’, ‘glottal attack’ and nasality, express themselves with a full range of inflection and vocal color, embody the voice/speech choices of the character, and prepare for any on-camera/TV/theatre role.


“For anyone wanting to be versatile and competitive in our business, Pat Fletcher puts you a step ahead of the rest. I highly recommend her for anyone serious about their craft.”
Jessica Myhr
NYC Actor

“Pat Fletcher is the real thing: a voice and speech teacher who knows her stuff and gets results. Her tremendous knowledge and experience make her second to none in New York—serious training for serious artists.”
Evan Mueller
NYC Actor, Director, Teacher

“Pat Fletcher not only has an astonishing ear for language, but the most comprehensive understanding of speech and voice. I have yet to meet someone as committed to their craft. The work I’ve done with Pat is recycled every time I prepare for an acting role. It continues to guide me and I’m certain that every student who works with her will also be aptly rewarded.”
Jonathan Fielding

“It is rare to find a teacher with such clarity of instruction, attention to detail, persistence, patience, and zeal for their subject as Pat Fletcher. Not only is she an authority on voice, speech and sound, but her genuine love of the work—and joy in students succeeding—make her the kind of teacher you are lucky to work with. There is no ego in her approach; it’s solely about the work; a refreshing and inspiring experience.”
Eric Loscheider
NYC Actor

“If I had to sum up my experience with Pat in one word: ‘professional’…or, in two words: ‘consummate professional’. Her efficient, focused approach led me to make significant progress in the three years I studied under her. She keeps comments succinct, leading to the majority of class time being given to the student’s work. Most importantly, she taught me how to teach myself for a lifetime. That is the mark of a great teacher.”
Silas Hoover
NYC Actor

“My training with Pat Fletcher has been priceless. As a Broadway dancer and singer who wants to expand into acting, I really had to learn to adjust my breathing as well as rid myself of any regional speech. She also helped me capitalize on my unique quirks in my voice-over work. It’s truly been a pleasure learning from her.”
Tia Marie Zorne

“Pat Fletcher is the best instructor for voice and speech I ever had. Her attention to detail and caring demeanor create a combination that makes the difficult and nerve-wracking work of mastering a dialect much easier. It has given me the confidence and tools I constantly use for commercial, voice-over, stage, and film work. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her, take it!”
Lawrence Wayne Ballard
NYC Actor

‘If you truly want to learn how to speak, with or without an accent, break down the text, or make an over-all study of your voice as an instrument, Pat Fletcher is the only person you will ever need. The confidence I gained from working with Pat is a big part of the reason that I work consistently in the craft that I love.”
Andrea Anders, actor

“Pat has a very fine ear for articulation and a wonderful ability to suss out a character through language. I am deeply grateful for her mentorship.”
Jeffrey Delano Davis
NYC Actor